Our work - Kasser Joint Institute for Global Food, Water, and Energy Security

Our Work

What We Do:

The Kasser Joint Institute has established five working committees to address the different aspects of the Joint Institute’s mission:

Research Committee

The Research Committee aims to bring together the knowledge and expertise of researchers from the Arava and the University of Arizona and come up with technology and applicable solutions targeting food, water and energy security in developing countries. The Committee started working in 2020 and will promote projects in the food-energy-water area, two of them are already in progress:

  • Agrivoltaic – the simultaneous use of areas of land for both solar photovoltaic and agriculture. The Agrivoltaic project aims to test different combinations of solar power cogeneration technologies and agricultural activities. This project investigates the benefits of integrating solar panels on different agricultural structures and exploring the implications on crops grown underneath and the different possible uses for the energy produced in the system.

  • Aquaponics – a food production system that combines raising aquatic animals in tanks with cultivating plants in water, whereby the nutrient-rich aquaculture water is fed to hydroponically-grown plants. The aim of this project is to develop a cost-effective family-scale unit that will be able to steadily feed 1-5 families with tilapia and vegetables as well as produce sufficient biomass for fish feed. The aquaponic system will ultimately be able to feed a family, generate income and serve as a growth catalyst.

  • Committee Chairs: Dr. Elli Groner (Arava), Prof. Kimberly Ogden (University of Arizona)

Innovation Committee

The goal of the Innovation Committee is to define the development challenges of the target communities and identify technologies or applied research studies that can be leveraged for demonstrations and commercial success. The focus of the committee is on off-grid technologies for testing and treatment of water for agricultural and domestic use.

  • Committee Chairs: Carol Stuart (University of Arizona), Dorit Banet (Arava)

Off-Site Project Implementation Committee

This Committee focuses on the implantation of the different projects on the ground by finding vulnerable communities to establish pilot projects, create local connection with authorities and partners , train project leaders in the community and identify other challenges that should be addressed and solved.

  • Committee Chairs: Hanni Arnon (Arava), Prof. Kevin Fitzsimmons (University of Arizona)

Marketing and Budget Committee

Aims to lead the budgetary aspect of the project, and work on marketing and branding it to different target audiences, from whom the funds to realize the project can come.

  • Committee Chairs: Edgar House (JNF), Udi Gat (Arava)