Vision - Kasser Joint Institute for Global Food, Water, and Energy Security


Jewish National Fund-USA, the University of Arizona, and Israel’s Arava Regional Councils have formed the Kasser Joint Institute for Food, Water and Energy Security with the mission of introducing innovative technology that builds capacity for food, water, and energy security in vulnerable communities in arid and hyper-arid environments — with a focus on Africa.

As the world population climbs from 7.7 billion people today to 9.7 billion people by 2050, the number of people living in extreme poverty in vulnerable communities will increase. People in these impoverished communities will face extreme challenges in the areas of food security, reliable energy production, economic opportunities, clean air, waste management, and sufficient water for drinking and agriculture. These challenges are global and impact both urban and rural communities in Africa and the developing world.

Leveraging the existing facilities and resources of the University of Arizona and the Arava region, the Joint Institute will promote applied research and student training programs. Over the next five years, The Kasser Joint Institute will establish multi-disciplinary programs in Africa to provide technology transfer, applied research, knowledge, training, ongoing guidance, and education.